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About Us

Unique? Yes we are!

We are not a boat yard or marina brokerage, but since 1999 our ever increasing sales figures are proof our manned online presence is even more essential these days than any static display. Our determination to succeed and consistant effort are paramount to our success. Unlike other websites, we are always here to answer your call, whether your buying or selling. We are Australia's oldest fully online boat sales service. 

When we put a deal together, we're not just looking to flog a boat and get on with the next one. A great portion of our business is repeat customers: People and companies who have dealt with us previously, got to know us through the many conversations and emails exchanged between us and are happy and confident to deal with us again, and in a lot of instances, many times over. Boatlocator is about building trust to make otherwise impossible deals happen.

Why would you buy or sell your boat here?

Our buyers aren't stuck just browsing. Place a wanted Ad with a picture and let sellers find you!!  Or even better, just call us and talk about what you what. We do the legwork and find out answers to all your queries making it easier and far safer for you to make a better informed decision, try us! You can actually buy any boat from anywhere in Australia (and occasionally worldwide) by taking advantage of the infrastructure we have in place for sales, settlement, finance, insurance and delivery.

For sellers, Well for a start, it costs you nothing to list your boat here so you really have absolutely nothing to lose! We take all calls and actively promote your vessel to all enquiries. Because we are always available to speak to, our service makes your boat a viable option for every buyer looking for one, you have access to the largest possible market. Plus we take the stress out of negotiation, finance, settlement, paperwork and transport.

How long have you been in business?

Boatlocator started in 1999 selling boats across the internet, with our early sites being completely home built. In those days, owner Ian Hatfield photographed almost every single vessel listed on the site. Today, Boatlocator clients are spread all over Australia and internationally and whilst we don't photograph many vessels ourselves any more, we still have a one on one report and a great working relationship with both sellers and buyers alike. We have been earning a living this way since 1999 and we can assure you, this is a system that works and works well.


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