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Is it really free to list?

Yes, it is!! We earn a commission but only if we introduce a successful buyer for your vessel. (thats a buyer with a deal acceptable to you, if you don't like the offer, just say no) If you or anyone else sells your vessel, you will owe us nothing and your ad here will have been completely free. You genuinely have nothing to lose!

Why don't you publish my email address and phone number?

Identity fraud is the most up and coming crime worldwide. Malicious web users worldwide have created programs designed to search websites and "skim" the contact details. Best case is you will have thousands of unwanted emails in your inbox. Worst case is you can be contacted and scammed for more details by both phone and email from someone pretending to be a buyer and have your identity stolen. It is far safer to let Boatlocator "vet" all the calls and pass on genuine buyers.

Other websites advertise "No Commissions" and charge $33 or more to advertise, how come?

Those sites make money from supporting dealers and brokers who do charge commissions. (No offence to those dealers and brokers) These dealers make up nearly all of the vessels they offer online so "who's fooling who"? Boatlocator is genuinely free to advertise, pay us our "commission" only if we introduce a successful buyer, otherwise, if you or anyone else sells your vessel, pay us nothing and your advertising on Boatlocator has been completely free.

So, how much do you earn if you are successful selling my vessel?

You really need to call and discuss as each vessel is different. You will find our rates are more than competitive and we have never lost a listing (or a deal) over a commission.
To discus commissions in person, please call Ian on 0411 724 044

Other websites claim they have more over 9,500 vessels online? Surely this would be better?

Type in a search for a vessel on those other sites and see how many pages come up. Whether your vessel is found on page 2 or page 120 of the search, do you think it will be seen? Especially when you consider commercial users of those sites (Dealers and Brokers) pay for first page positions thus preventing you from getting onto their first page. Boatlocator has stayed with its magazine style layout because it encourages users to flick through all boats listed. This has continued to be very successful since 1999.

My vessel is in poor condition, will you still sell it for me?

Yes we will, but understand we will be completely up front about its condition and buyers will be left in no doubt about what they are purchasing.


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